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with Tulip

We’re proud to be part of the world’s first Food Waste Reduction Roadmap and committing to act on UK food waste.… https://t.co/kQXLGUEza7

Did you know our innovations in crumbing mean our coated foods, such as our scotch eggs, deliver the freshest, cris… https://t.co/3wU6AR7D4z

We’re working to create a supportive environment for our employees so that they can discuss mental health issues in… https://t.co/3xW3ld7YIq

We’re supporting our employees with a number of courses to help educate our staff on the awareness of mental health… https://t.co/wgpslYkT0j

The mental health of our employees is important to us here at Tulip, which is why our official charity partner is… https://t.co/o3zQP6c9nI

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