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Tulip’s triple triumph

Clare Allen, Customer Commercial Director, has earned a rare honour: she is now the proud recipient of McDonald’s three-legged stool’s supplier award. The accolade was presented to her at McDonald’s Annual General Meeting by the UK’s CEO Paul Pomroy.

The three-legged stool system is the backbone of the McDonald’s supply chain, with each leg representing a vital component, i.e. the McDonald’s company, the franchisees and the suppliers. Each leg needs to be equally strong for the McDonald’s unique business model to succeed.

“In all honesty, I’m absolutely delighted with this win, particularly so for the Bodmin team who play such a large part in enriching our partnership with McDonald’s,” says Clare who won the Supplier award for her outstanding leadership and contribution to the McDonald’s system. Inherent in the award was Tulip’s sustained commitment to McDonald’s.

Clare was also involved with McDonald’s poultry supply chain in her previous job at Cargill.

Winning three major awards in one year is an unprecedented achievement in Tulip’s long-standing relationship with McDonald’s.  In addition to Supplier of the Year, Tulip Bodmin was also recognised for its contribution to development in 2017.

“This caps off a wonderful year for Tulip and is the result of a stupendous effort by everyone involved in the McDonald’s account,” says Steve Francis, CEO Tulip Ltd. “Our mutual dependency has proved to be a true asset and we have proved that we are able to meet the quality standards that McDonald’s have set for us. This year’s “triple” is quite an achievement to live up to, but with continued determination and the will to continue to succeed, I’m convinced that another triple win is within our grasp.”

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