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Delivering great food to Britain and beyond

We’re proud to say, Tulip is one of Britain’s leading food companies, supplying everything from retail to foodservice, wholesale and export markets.

We have become the country’s largest producer of pork products, and also the number one pig farmer and producer of free range and organic pigs in the UK.

Our fully integrated approach boasts industry-leading production systems, allowing us to retain full ownership, accountability and traceability within our supply chain, from the field to the consumer.

Dalehead Foods has been a division of Tulip since 2004, dedicated to supplying Waitrose and is committed to supplying high quality food products from its own pig production division known as BQP. For more information on these divisions, please click the links below.

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The annual company turnover
People employed across 17 sites based throughout the UK.
Tonnes of product sales a year

Every year we achieve a staggering 380,000 tonnes of product sales, providing an annual turnover reaching £1.1BN. To accomplish this, we employ around 7,000 people across 17 sites throughout the UK. What’s more, our investment record for those sites stands at around £100M in the past five years alone, ensuring we remain at the forefront of innovation and technology.

Our vision is to be the UK’s number one consumer food solutions business, creating nutritious, appetising food for all tastes and meal occasions. That’s why our business model is built around the five pillars of Customer, People, Product, Efficiency and, in everything we do, we are committed to Growing Responsibly.

From this, we have identified eight commitments, which we are all focused on delivering:

Our Commitments


To put our customers at
the heart of all we do


To deliver innovative
consumer solutions


To recognise and
celebrate achievement


To empower our people
to make a difference


To deliver products
we are proud of


To maintain the highest standards of
welfare for livestock under our care


To process better, simpler
and more efficiently


To eliminate waste



Tulip International was established
through a merger of Normeat,
Danepak, Jaka and Tulip.


Danish Crown acquired Tulip International 100%.


Vestjyske Slagterier (VJS) and Danish Crown merged.
Tulip International took over the processing business
of VJS (in Denmark) and Danish Crown.


Tulip Ltd was established as a single
processing company for the UK.
The “old” Tulip International was divided
into Tulip Food Company in Denmark
and Tulip Ltd in the UK.


Tulip Ltd acquired Hygrade Foods Ltd.


Tulip Ltd acquired Flagship Foods
comprising Roach Foods, Dalehead Foods
and Flagship Fresh Meats.


Tulip Food Service became
part of Tulip Ltd.


Tulip Ltd acquired Geo.


Tulip Ltd acquired Parkam Foods,
Tranfoods, Trophy Foods
and Freshway Foods.

Group Structure

Part of a group

Tulip Ltd is proud to be a subsidiary of the Danish Crown group – a global meat processing company and among the largest in its field.

Danish Crown dates back to the 1880s and is owned by a co-operative of 8,000 farmers – ‘Leverandorselskabet Danish Crown AmbA’. The company supplies around 22m pigs and almost a million head of cattle per year, making it the world’s largest pork exporter and Europe’s largest pork processor, with a turnover of approximately £6.3 billion and a workforce of around 26,000 employees.

As divisions of the group, Danish Crown Foods has become Europe’s largest meat processing company and Danish Crown Beef is a significant player in the European beef market.

The Danish Crown group consists of:

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