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Passion for food, passion for farming

Tulip is proud to be at the fore of the food manufacturing industry, providing a wide range of quality, cost effective and innovative products to the retail and foodservice sectors from our 17 modern, well invested manufacturing facilities located throughout the UK.

Our UK operation consists of four distinct businesses:

Tulip Agriculture – Britain’s number one pig farmer and global leader in higher welfare standards.

Tulip Fresh – The countries number one pig processor and operator of state of the art abattoirs.

Tulip Food Company – The leading supplier of a wide range of quality, innovative and cost effective food products to the UK’s retail and foodservice sectors.

Dalehead Foods – 100% dedicated to supplying Waitrose with quality pork and lamb products.

Our expertise is second to none; we are the country’s largest pig farmer and producer of pork and it is our fully integrated supply chain, affording us complete accountability and traceability from field to fork, combined with our customer focussed approach to business, that truly sets us apart from our competitors.

Highly skilled, dedicated and empowered colleagues.
Our annual turnover exceeds.
Modern, well invested production facilities across the UK
Supplying all the leading retail and foodservice businesses.

Group Structure

Part of a group

Tulip Ltd is proud to be a subsidiary of the Danish Crown group – a global meat processing company and among the largest in its field.

Danish Crown dates back to the 1880s and is owned by a co-operative of 8,000 farmers – ‘Leverandorselskabet Danish Crown AmbA’. The company supplies around 22m pigs and almost a million head of cattle per year, making it the world’s largest pork exporter and Europe’s largest pork processor, with a turnover of approximately £6.3 billion and a workforce of around 26,000 employees.

As divisions of the group, Danish Crown Foods has become Europe’s largest meat processing company and Danish Crown Beef is a significant player in the European beef market.

Executive Team

Tulip now has a strong & experienced team to lead Tulip’s recovery and return to the #1 position in UK Pork.

Jais Valeur View Profile

Jais Valeur

Danish Crown CEO

Brief Career History

Danish Crown CEO, Jais Valeur – Joined early in 2016 from Arla Foods. Driving a more globally integrated business founded on the Danish Farmer heritage and ownership. Jais initiated the change in Tulip’s management.

Steve Francis View Profile

Steve Francis

Tulip CEO

Brief Career History

Steve Francis CEO – Seasoned turnaround CEO with Pork industry experience (Sept. 2016)

Rachel Baldwin View Profile

Rachel Baldwin

Group HR Director

Brief Career History

HR Director Rachel Baldwin, Joining October 1, 2017. Formerly Arriva & Dairy Crest HR Director.

Helen Glennie View Profile

Helen Glennie


Brief Career History

Helen Glennie CFO, Formerly Moy Park CFO (November 2016)

Michael Sondergaard View Profile

Michael Sondergaard

Fresh BU MD

Brief Career History

Fresh BU MD, Michael Sondergaard – 15 years in Danish Crown (international roles) supported by a top team Danish Crown Pork operations specialists.

In Current Role Since:
November 2015
Jose Peralta View Profile

Jose Peralta

Tulip Food Company MD

Brief Career History

Tulip Food Company MD, Jose Peralta – 15 years running Red Meat business of 2 Sisters/Vion/Grampian (October 2016)

Andrew Saunders View Profile

Andrew Saunders

Agriculture MD

Brief Career History

BQP (Agriculture) MD, Andrew Saunders – 35 years in the business. Co-founder of Waitrose-BQP Dalehead integrated pork supply chain (farm to fork), Director, AHDB Pork, Chairman Waitrose Agriculture Group

In Current Role Since:
January 2007



Tulip International was established
through a merger of Normeat,
Danepak, Jaka and Tulip.


Danish Crown acquired Tulip International 100%.


Vestjyske Slagterier (VJS) and Danish Crown merged.
Tulip International took over the processing business
of VJS (in Denmark) and Danish Crown.


Tulip Ltd was established as a single
processing company for the UK.
The “old” Tulip International was divided
into Tulip Food Company in Denmark
and Tulip Ltd in the UK.


Tulip Ltd acquired Hygrade Foods Ltd.


Tulip Ltd acquired Flagship Foods
comprising Roach Foods, Dalehead Foods
and Flagship Fresh Meats.


Tulip Food Service became
part of Tulip Ltd.


Tulip Ltd acquired Geo.


Tulip Ltd acquired Parkam Foods,
Tranfoods, Trophy Foods
and Freshway Foods.

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