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Tulip’s Modern Slavery Statement covering 1st October 2016 to 30th September 2017 is now available for viewing on Tulip’s internet.

The report shows that progress has been made in a number of areas:

  • A risk assessment tool has now been rolled out across a number of our farms, including pig and sheep farms. This has ena-bled us to better identify any potential ethical issues and to have a better understanding of the main issues within our farming supply chain. Our action plan now includes responsible recruitment, further developments in the health and safety area and an extended whistle blowing facility;
  • The number of employment agencies that we use across our sites has been reduced;
  • We are in the process of rolling out a new clause in our GNFR (Goods Not For Retail) suppliers, e.g. laundry services and security, which are carried out by third parties. This will involve an audit tool to be used to check their processes and procedures;
  • A transport and logistics specific SAQ will be rolled out across all our suppliers this year;
  • We have now fully mapped our supply chain where possible to Tier 2 and 3. We have also strengthened our new supplier ‘on boarding‘ with a more robust risk assessment process prior to any business being undertaken;
  • We are in the process of launching our Responsible Sourcing Policy across the Danish Crown Group to enable us to work consistently across our suppliers and incorporate this as part of our standard supplier agreements.

There are five main targets for 2018:

  1. A responsible sourcing policy and training will be developed for all relevant staff – to be completed by the end of June 2018
  2. All suppliers with over 30 employees will be linked on SEDEX and have a valid audit. We aim to have 85% linked and 40% with a valid audit. This will be completed by the end of September 2018
  3. Development of advice and guidance on Modern Slavery for suppliers. In this respect, we are targeting smaller suppliers who have only have had limited exposure. This will be completed by the end of May 2018.
  4. Third party supplier audits to be carried out at all sites – by end April 2018.
  5. Farm improvements (as listed above) to be fully implemented by the end of September 2018.


“Over the past year, we have made significant progress on our supplier engagement. Moreover, our risk assessment proce-dures are becoming increasingly robust,” says Andy York, Responsible Sourcing Manager.

“One exciting initiative we are cur-rently working on with the Co-op is the Bright Futures programme, which helps victims of Modern Slavery into paid employ-ment, which supports victims in rebuilding their lives.”

By law, any company that does more than £36 million business per year is obliged to report on what actions they are taking to prevent slavery and human trafficking. As a major food manufacturer, Tulip has a strong reliance on temporary agency labour – as have other organisations within our supply chain – and we have a responsibility to ensure that we and our suppliers comply with the regulations of the Modern Slavery Act of 2015.

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