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Leading the way

Tulip is the UK’s leading pig farmer.

We breed and rear around 1.5 million pigs a year using industry-leading production systems, including outdoor born, straw-finished, RSPCA Freedom Food Assured, free range and organic. With around 30% of the UK market share, this makes us the UK’s largest pig farming business and buyer of slaughter pigs.

What’s more, we provide the only fully dedicated lamb supply chain in the country, with a network of over 450 dedicated British farmers located in Wales and West Country of England.

During the winter months when British lamb stocks decline we work with 250 dedicated New Zealand producers to ensure our customers have access to the best quality lamb all year round.

450 dedicated British farmers
1.5 million Pigs Bred and Reared
250 dedicated New Zealand lamb producers
1 Tulip Natural Farming

The five key pillars of
tulip agriculture

Tulip Natural Farming

Tulip Natural Farming is part of Tulip Agriculture. When it comes to farming, animal welfare is always top of our list. In fact, we insist that all animals bred and reared by UK farmers contracted to Tulip must conform to the company’s high standards of welfare, safety and quality. This means that farmers must ensure the highest animal management standards, with particular focus on responsible health management.

  • All pigs for Tulip natural farming are both Red Tractor and RSPCA assured
  • And come from higher welfare production systems
2 Tulip pig supply

The five key pillars of
tulip agriculture

Tulip pig supply

Every week we purchase tens of thousands of pigs from independent farmers across the country. We choose farms that use both indoor and outdoor production systems, however every farm must conform to Tulip’s high standards and produce Red Tractor farm assured animals.

135 independent producers across 600 farms

3 BQP pig production

The five key pillars of
tulip agriculture

BQP pig production

BQP is the leading pig farming operation and the largest producer of outdoor bred, free range and organic pigs in the UK. As part of Tulip’s Dalehead division, we have developed a unique breeding stock from a carefully selected combination of genetics. What’s more, we insist on using dedicated pig feed from one key supplier, which allows our in-house nutritionists to specifically tailor diets to our unique production requirements. We also boast dedicated trial facilities and an in-house veterinary practice with recording system to ensure we consistently produce the highest quality pork.

Over 1,000,000 pigs produced per year

4 Lamb procurement

The five key pillars of
tulip agriculture

Lamb procurement

Our lamb procurement and organic lamb schemes are also part of the Dalehead farming operation a division of Tulip. This means that all our Welsh and West Country lambs are reared to the highest standards of welfare, carry PGI status and are procured direct from the farms themselves. We pride ourselves on working extremely closely with our farms to go beyond Red Tractor standards and produce the very best quality lamb around.

Welsh and West Country lambs carry PGI status

5 Danish pig supply

The five key pillars of
tulip agriculture

Danish pig supply

For decades, Danish pork has been known for its quality and flavour. Today, we source all ours from our parent company Danish Crown, which provides us with a fully traceable, high quality alternative to British meat.

Danish pork sourced from our parent company Danish Crown

Consumer Insight

Consumers always come first

Here at Tulip, having a complete understanding our consumers is the key to everything we do. By doing this we ensure that the people who really matter are at the heart of our vision and strategy from the very beginning. That’s why we search far and wide, travelling the world to discover the latest consumer trends and habits to help inspire the development of unique and delicious new product ranges.

We develop new scientific and creative tools to get closer to consumers
We engage and interact with consumers online, daily
Sensory research lets us understand how consumers experience our products


To us, it’s more than just a process

The way we manufacture is focused solely on creating outstanding food. To accomplish this we work closely with our customers to meet the needs of today’s consumers both in the UK and around the world. What’s more, across each and every one of our world-class facilities and centres of excellence, we strive to maintain industry-leading levels of performance in product quality, customer service and value for money.

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