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Tulip’s new CEO, Steve Francis, shares his thoughts on his strategy to turnaround the business.

Just days after taking over the helm, Tulip Ltd’s newly appointed CEO, Steve Francis, reflects on his strategy to turnaround the UK operation.

Steve has built up a formidable record of achievement in leading business transformations in established businesses underperforming their potential, and as he explains, is relishing the opportunity to work with the team at Tulip Ltd to re-establish it as the industry leader; “It would be fair to say that the business has lost some of its focus while operating in an extremely competitive marketplace. My role is to lead it back to being the industry leader, put in very simple terms, the company needs to regain its mojo. Tulip is a great business but, over the last few years or so, it has lost its edge. It’s not that Tulip has gotten worse, more a case of the competition having moved forward.

“I want to simplify what we do, which isn’t terribly difficult because we’re a great business with fantastic customer relationships, so we are starting out from a position of strength. What we need to do is to reinforce the things we are already doing well and stop what we are doing less well. We need to simplify our business and ad pace.”

As part of the plan to address some of the key challenges facing the business, the company will be split into four business divisions: Tulip Fresh, Tulip Added Value, Tulip Agriculture and the well-established Dalehead Foods model.

Continues Steve; “I believe that we have great talent and commitment in our business, however, we need to work more effectively as a connected team – both internally and with our farmers and customers. Each of the four business divisions will have its own leadership team, objectives and strategy, while remaining part of a single, joined-up organisation.”
“I aim to enable and encourage more of our people to have the courage to try new things and to take a lead. Great teams have many leaders. My role is to provide a clear and consistent direction with a simple compelling vision so that managers in all areas of our operation know where we are going and how we are going to get there. This, combined with a rethink of our priorities, will put this business firmly back to its rightful position as the industry leader.”

Prior to joining Tulip, Steve has held senior positions with a number of leading businesses including Vion Food Group, Danwood Group Holdings Ltd and McKinsey. He was educated at Oxford, is a keen endurance cyclist in his spare time and is known for his bias to action & calmness in a storm, emphasis on teamwork and focus on strong business values and the highest standards of corporate governance.

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